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Sanur Dive Site is situated in the channel and has coral reef running along the edge

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Sanur Dive Site

Sanur Dive Site

Sanur Dive Site offer 3 dive location which are named Channel Point, Penjor Reef and Jeladi Wilis. These three dive sites offer a bit different bottom composition each of them. Although there is a lot of marine life to see, sometimes the underwater visibility can be a challenge and currents depending on the tides. Ideal for beginner and experienced divers who seek adventure not far from civilization. Jeladi Wilis is a simple, gentle dive site that starts around 3m and slopes of to about 20m. The current here can on occasion be a little strong so diving at slack tide is the best time to dive.

This site has visibility ranging from 5 - 15m. It is is easy to see some interesting corals here that are home to numerous sea creatures some of which are; nudibranchs, stingrays, scorption fish, octopus and lots more. Channel Point has to be one of the most commonly dived locations given that it is an ideal place for dive training. This Sanur dive site is situated in the channel and has coral reef running along the edge of the channel which slopes off into a large sandy seabed. We feel that this is a good dive location for novice divers and refresher course participants and for those who do not have much time or want to travel long way.

The macro marine life and coral formations make Sanur's dive sites interesting. Channel Point certainly does not offer Bali’s best diving, but if you want a quick and easy dive with interesting things to encounter, this is the place to visit. Penjor Reef - The trip to penjor reef takes only a few minutes from the Sanur shore by boat, though you would travel much further for a reef with this quality. There is an abundance of mature and diverse coral and marine life on this site. It is one of the dives sites that does not need good visibilty as the volume of macro life is amazing. Some of our previous divers will credit this site as being as good as some of the more famous sites in Bali.