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Janger Dance

Janger Dance is social dance performed by young people that some people in pairs. Who does not know Janger? Once the word was revealed, people would have been associated with Bali. Janger dance is one of Indonesia in general and Bali in particular is already very well known either in their own country or in foreign countries. When and where exactly it appears Janger no one knows exactly because it was thought he was already hundreds of years and the groups that perform are scattered in several areas of South Bali.

Janger itself was exhibited by some in pairs. The women and men will be dancing and singing alternately. This dance is more indicative of the story of couples who are in love and seek mutual sulking with each other. Janger including social dance dance which exhibited a certain moment as an entertainment. Dance movements are basic movements that exist in Balinese dance itself is not that difficult or most difficult. The music that accompanies the tetamburan equipped with gender wayang.

During its development today, Janger been abandoned by many of the young people of Bali. There are only a few groups remaining Janger. To Denpasar area, the famous group of Janger Kedaton located in the territory of East Denpasar (Kesiman). For the latest Badung region, these groups can be found in the Village Sibang commonly known by the name Janger Gong. Gianyar region located in the Village Pliatan. One of the most unique is that there are groups in the village Janger Bulian Buleleng.

Because almost predominately Tuna Janger Speech and the players even this is they who have a shortage. They are usually assisted by one coach / guide that gives aba2 to perform certain movements. Sympathetic sense of course given by those who applaud and admire the work done by the dancers to attempt to provide a consolation for the community. Behind the shortcomings they have, they can show that no matter how much effort will be capable of filling the gap.