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Balinese Houses

Balinese Houses

Balinese Houses particularly in Denpasar or the larger towns, are arranged much like houses in the west, there are still a great number of traditional Balinese home. In Ubud, for example nearly house will follow the same traditional walled design. Like houses in ancient Rome the Balinese house looks inward; the outside is simply high wall. Inside there will be a garden and a separate small building or bale for each function. There will be one building for cooking, one building for washing and the toilet, and separate building for each bedroom.

What there won’t be is a living room because in Bali’s mild tropical climate you live outside – the living room and dining room will be open verandah areas, looking out into the garden. The whole complex is oriented on the kaja-kelod axis, between the mountain and the sea. In term of the human body, there’s a head- the family temple with its ancestral shrine: arms – the kitchen and rice storage building; and even an anus – the garbage pit.

There may be an area outside the house compound where fruit trees are grown or a pig may be kept. Usually the house is entered through a gate-way backed by a small wall known as the aling-aling. It serves a practical and a spiritual purpose, both preventing passer-by from seeing in and stopping evil spirits from entering. Evil spirit can not easily turn corners so the aling-aling stops them from simply scooting straight in through the gate.

Balinese Houses Stucture
1. Sanggah kemulan : Family temple
2. Umah Meten Sleeping pavilion for the head family
3. Tugu : Shrine for house guardian
4. Pengijeng : Shrine
5. Bale Tiang Sange : Guest pavilion
6. Natah : Courtyard with some flower or garden
7. Balisekepat: Sleeping pavilion for other relative
8. Balisekenem : working and sleeping pavilion
9. Paon: Kitchen
10.Lumbung : Rice barn
11.Aling-aling : screen wall
12.Lawang: gate
13.Apit lawang : gate shrine