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Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro which is located in Jalan Kediri Tuban, Kuta Bali is very famous for it’s chicken food specialized. The place was brightly lit with blown-up photo murals of their famous chicken. Special Menu: Pressure-cooked chicken, the mural announced. To Day promised us it was very good and the bones were soft-enough to eat. Another two thumbs up for To Day. This restaurant is quite popular among the tourists and they specialized in Ayam Tulang Lunak.

What’s that? Is actually fried chicken using pressurized cooking method, deep fried till very crispy and tender even the bone can be eaten. The restaurant is air-conditioned and clean with simple interior setting. Forget about the calories and the cholesterol from all that oil, It was finger lickin’ good. Add the plate for lickin’ too as this is one chicken meal that would leave your plate clean as the bones are so soft and crispy they’re good enough to eat. If Bali is not only the home of the gods but it’s also the home of the best chicken.

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